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So best e liquid uk was set up with the intention of providing you not only the greatest and smoothest e liquid known to man in the UK but also at an affordable rate.

best e liquid uk is Coming Soon

A lot of people have decided to switch from traditional smoking to a more modern futuristic way of fulfilling their cravings and it’s called vaping. Most people made the switch for the health benefits but some also did it for the savings in costs since tobacco has seen its price shoot up in past years due to tax.
Now the government has actually stated that ecigarettes and associated products will possibly incur taxes applied on top of their price however I cannot see this becoming a reality. I believe if it does thousands of people will cause an upriot.
Anyways back to our mission. The new Best e cigarette uk site is very close to being completed and should be going live very soon. It will officially become an online only eliquid shop with also a few ecigarettes on display. Flavours will include the traditional fruity flavours such as blueberry, apple and strawberry alongside some of the more stronger vapes such as mocha, peppermint and tobacco. The team behind the site have been in the industry for just over 3 years and with all the experience gained vaping different flavors in the testing room in this time they decided to put their knowledge into practice.
The reason why we decided to pick a name like BesteliquidUk is a simple one, we actually do believe we are the best around, but I guess only you can confirm and deny that and Im guessing you are gonna have to try it first aren’t you?
Please remember that Eliquid is composed of Propylene Glycol (PG) or it can also be Vegetable Glycerine (VG), flavourings and nicotine. the glycol or glycerine are perfectly fine and have been used in various solutions already however the nicotine can be dangerous when ingested orally. what this means is that when you vape it is perfectly fine almost as if you were drinking a coffee however if you were to ingest the nicotine or eliquid orally that would most likely lead to injury or fatality, which you could compare to possibly injecting coffee in to your veins.
Once we launch you will also have the opportunity to choose the level of nicotine you wish either between 0.6, 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4 g. Personally we here are all fans of the 0.6 or 1.2g nicotine level e liquids because that means you can vape a lot more and spend more time doing some cool vape tricks as opposed to if you were vaping a 1.8 or 2.4g solution.
One promise we can make you is that your order will always be shipped on time and that while we will start with a set range of eliquid flavours we vow to be always in the lab researching and cooking up lots of weird and wonderful new flavour combinations and vape fusions.
Quite a few eliquid companies out there have been found to include other chemicals to their solution
other than these 3 essential components however they have been caught red handed and are now being severely punished by authorities. These companies are normally found to be based in China or imported from Asia. Therefore one guarantee that we are very proud to promote on our site and marketing communications is that our e liquid is 100% British, thought up, produced, tested, bottled and shipped in the United Kingdom.
Another great feature that will be coming very soon and that will set us apart from the competition is our monthly subscription feature, where every month we send 4 of our favourite eliquids of each month and we pair it with the seasonality so that around Xmas you could enjoy a nice eggnog e liquid or even a turkey and cranberry sauce one and in summer you could help yourself to a pale ale e liquid or even a pear cider one. We have flavours for every taste bud out there.
It’s absolutely crazy when you look at the potential amount of people that will switch over to e cigarettes since around 1 in 5 people smoke worldwide and probably around 10 percent of people have converted already to ecigarettes which means there are so many people out there left to make the switch and I believe that almost all will make the switch and if they don’t their kids will.
Just imagine once we reach that point how many bottles of e liquid will be produced every single year and can imagine how many amazing crazy yet fantastically weird flavours, can you? I think the excitement is too much to contain.
So when will the new best e liquid uk template be live I hear you asking? It is extremely close my friends so close I can smell the vape on the air.
Another point of awesomeness that should make you remember us is that we like to do a lot of promotions or as we call happy hours throughout the year. We are all firm believers that life can be too stiff and rigid sometimes so we all need something to spark up our lives and what better way to do that by offering a 2 for 1 e liquid deal or buy 3 get 7 free or even buy one and get a piña colada and coke and rum bottle of eliquid bonus. Even giveaways on social media are our kind of thing and we are always breaking our back to find the winners and send them their well deserved prizes.
So feel free to bookmark our site, put an alarm on your phone, share us on social media, put a post it note on your laptop, email yourself the link to our site or whatever worksbest for you to remember us here at best e cigarette uk HQ an check back on us in a few weeks because I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

E-Cigarette Side Effects

Any substances taken by the body could cause side effects, it doesn’t matter if it is inhaled, ingested or just touched. There aren’t lots of e-cigarette side effects which a lot of people are not aware of. On the other hand, it could be difficult to hold down precisely what the harmful effect of the cigarette or stopping smoking could be or whether anything being suffered is really coming from electronic cigarette.

E Cigarette Side Effects


To start with the most usual concern, you may get yourself with a head pain. Once you do get an aching headache, it shows that you have taken lots of nicotine. Once this occurs, just relax, stop smoking and drink lots of water. If you’re trying to quit smoking, it’s not only hard for you, but for your body as well.

This is one of many reasons you may suffer head pains. Once you stop smoking, the oxygen in your brain and the levels of chemical changes. Some of the effect is short term sleep disruption, improved caffeine levels as well as changed in the diet. These results to head pains, however, after a couple of days, you will feel good.

Sore Throat or Dry Throat

This issue could be linked to PG or Propylene Glycol which is humectants, meaning it assimilates moisture and could therefore result to a sore throat or dry throat. Normally the side effect drops in a couple of weeks, largely because the throat is adjusting from the normal smoke to vapor. But mostly its because of the stopping smoking. In case you experience this, drink lots of water, and when the condition gets worse, consult your doctor.

Muscle Pain

Propylene Glycol is transformed into lactic acid that could lead to muscle aches. You can avoid this issue through drinking glasses of water to flush out lactic acid.

Acne or Spots

Acne or spots are the outcome of quitting smoking, your body starts to detoxify itself, therefore there are many toxins being flushed out, and the pores are the escape route for these toxins. Trapped toxins are the main cause of spots and acne.


Another common concern when stopping cigarettes, this occurs when the lungs are filled with smoke and start cleaning it out.


Once you experience this issue, it might be due to the highest amount of nicotine that enters into your body. Moreover, you must ensure you’re not swallowing drop of electronic cigarette from the cartridge. When electronic liquid enters your mouth frequently, you must stop utilizing it and purchase a new e-cig right away.

Bleeding Gums

Perhaps the most common concern when one is trying to stop smoking is bleeding gum. A lot of smokers report bleeding gums if brushing their teeth; this is a common sign of withdrawal.

One option may be that smokers build up thicker gums to defend in opposition to the smoke. You do not need to be afraid of this, because it will heal up after days or weeks.  If the bleeding continues, visit your doctor. If you suffer any of these e-cigarette side effects it is advisable to stop smoking or visit your doctor right away.